What’s Stopping You From Leading Your Ideal Life?

With Calathea Accounting

What would your ideal life look like? What are your top 3 personal goals?

The way you run your business should be directly related to the goals that you want to achieve in life. So, let’s work backwards…

Maybe your top personal goal is to work only 3 days a week? Maybe it’s to retire at 50? Maybe, right now, your top personal goal is to be able to take your children to and from school every day?

The reason we need to start with your top personal goals is because the way you lead your work life will determine whether you actually get to achieve your biggest personal goals.

If your business isn’t run efficiently, chances are your profits aren’t being maximised, you will be leaking money and your processes may be hindering rather than helping. All of these factors will be creating stress, costing you money and if you are juggling too many balls then you will be anxious, wired and not able to wind down and let go.

We need to work on the foundations of your business to uncover all of the areas that need improving. This could be getting a better bookkeeping system in place, looking at your cashflow to highlight areas of risk and looking at the way you take on both staff and clients to streamline your processes better – all of these things will improve your bottom line meaning more income in your pocket and also more headspace and clarity.

When we really focus on your personal goals (as well as your business goals!) and work backwards, then the goals start to become an achievable reality and in turn your life becomes more positive and less stressful.